How does the 14-day free trial work? offers a 14-day free trial which allows you 100% access to view all jobs and rich career content available on the site.  You will have the opportunity to apply to two (2) jobs during that timeframe as a job seeker.  At the end of the 14-day free trial you will be charged an incredibly low rate of $5 per month to continue access to everything the site has to offer.  

Can I post my resume to send to an employer?

You sure can.  On your personal dashboard page you have the ability to view, upload or delete a resume to have on file for future emploeyrs.  You can use this resume to send to employers that have asked for direction submission of your resume.  Please ensure you complete your profile on the dashboard with relevant experience and background information.

What is the best monthly plan for our company?

We offer three unique monthly/annual plans that cater to different types of operations, from the single-operator looking for one employee to the large corporation seeking multiple positions.  We customize each plan based on how many job listings you intend on advertising, along with increased exposure benefits through our rich content distribution, social media outreach, and weekly updates.  You can change your plan at anytime.  Plus, there is a free 14-day trial period to test out our site.  

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No strings attached.  We designed this site for job seekers and employers in order to be efficient and productive to help you achieve your goals.  You may cancel at anytime, but we hope you stay!

What separates you from the "others"?

Accurate Jobs.  Serious Content.  Career Driven Team. No "fluff".  Dedicated to our customers.  Reinvest into the company to benefit the users.  Always be on the leading edge of developments. 

What kind of payment do you accept?

We use for all transactions.